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Wording of the Health Keepers Oath

As a Health Care Worker, Student, Administrator or Support Person
I Swear My Talents, Skills and Knowledge Will Not Be Used to
Perform Eugenicide or Destroy the Rule of Legitimate, Ethical and Humane Law

I understand my moral obligations under civilized medical ethics to “Do no harm.” I understand my legal obligations under the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association to stand against the abuse of health care by political institutions. I will not administer any substance which I know to be used to harm or kill any person entrusted to my care, nor will I process, record or otherwise facilitate the internment, involuntary medical incarceration, elimination or extermination of any person.

True to this Oath, intention and professional calling, I will defend and guard the life and freedom of those whom I serve or whose lives, records or well-being I touch. I know that medical systems have been used in the past to abduct, detain, experiment upon and kill innocent civilians and I am mindful of the possibility for that unconscionable pattern to be repeated in my time, my facility and my life. I will follow the path of ethical restraint and honest disclosure rather than follow the path of silent acquiescence. I know that my calling means that I am bound to first “Do no harm.” Therefore, I give my solemn oath that I will not allow harm to be done by either word, silence, deed or inaction, the existence of any political declaration of local, state, national or international medical emergency not withstanding.

I am a health care professional, not an agent of State-mediated death and will conduct myself in accord with that identify. I swear, to all future generations, “Never again” will the health care professions be used, as they were in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Empire, to murder and oppress any individual. Never Again! Never here! Never on my watch!


*The term epidural is often short for epidural anesthesia, a form of regional anesthesia involving injection of drugs through a catheter placed into the epidural space. The injection can cause both a loss of sensation (anaesthesia) and a loss of pain (analgesia), by blocking the transmission of signals through nerves in or near the spinal cord.


Risks and common side effects of the epidural include:

1. Back pain at the site of injection. 100% of women experience localized tenderness. 10 -12% have back pain for up to three months post Birth. (However, it may last longer if their was a previous history of back issues.)

2.Maternal, and in turn baby, fever due to suppressed immune system.(Caused by the medication being administered via an open path directly to the spinal cord and the fact that most anesthetics are an immune suppressor, giving your body limited availability of healing white blood cells).

3.If develops fever, infant will spend more time in intensive care under observation. Which means: less bonding time, less skin to skin contact, more stress on breast feeding and returning to normality.

4. Incomplete pain relief- Epidural is subject to gravity, administering the medication through path of least resistance, causing random numbness with pain hot spots. Can affect only one side of body. ( Which in turn calls for more medication, increasing the usage and dosage, slowing the labor by increasing lack of feeling and an increase or lack of being able to ‘push’ with the rushes.)

5. Spinal Headache (1% of women get them)