The Birth Doula  Includes:

  • Initial meet and greet- We will have some tea to get acquainted, and for you to learn more about what I have to offer as your Birth Doula.  There is no commitment or fee.
  • Two prenatal meetings- We will meet in the comfort of your home and will last approximately 1 to 2 hours each. At this meeting we identify your physical, emotional, and educational support needs through out your birth.
  • What We will discuss- We will go over your hopes and desires for your ideal birth and go over your preferences for your birth plan.  
  • We will talk about coping techniques and comfort measures. I’ve got a few fun tricks up my sleeve to test your labor readiness.
  • We will identify all the roles of your “Birth Team”: your Doula (myself) your partner, friends and family that may be attending the birth.
  • -I will try to answer all of your questions  about your pregnancy, impending birth, and transition into parenthood.
  • Belly Casting- In the Doula fee a belly casting is included if so desired.
  • Meeting your care provider OB/ Midwife- I am happy to accompany you to one prenatal visit with your care provider during the final weeks of your pregnancy to get to know  your care provider and get a feel for their labor ethics and policies.
  • Continuous support during your labor- I prefer that you let me know when labor begins even if you do not yet need me. I will join you when you feel you do need me. I will need from 1 to 1 ½ hours notice in most cases.(San Diego is known for its traffic) I will be with you until approximately 1 to 2 hours after birth to ensure the new family is happily settled and breastfeeding is established and you, your baby, and your partner are at ease and can rest for a while.
  • Q 24 Hr on call support- Beginning two weeks prior to your due date you may call me anytime, day or night. This may be to advise me you are in labor or just for me to answer a question you may have or simply to ease your thoughts.  During those weeks I will never be more than an hour away from your birth location, unless previously discussed otherwise.
  • Postpartum visits- The day after your birth I will reach you by phone to see how things are going, and how you and the baby and partner are adjusting.Around day 4 or 5 after the birth I ‘ll come to your home or where you are recovering to offer further breastfeeding and/ or newborn care support.
  • We will meet up 3 to 4 weeks after the birth to see how you are doing with breast feeding, baby wearing, any postpartum issues ( a good time to see if Postpartum Doula referral is needed.) Assist with any other nutritional issues and or emotions.
  • After the last visit, my role as your Birth Doula will be concluded, but your journey only goes on .

I Do offer a “home care” postpartum package. And it includes:

  • -Cleaning the house ( general cleaning no spring over hauls)
  • -Laundry:
  • -Errands: Getting groceries, etc.
  • -Cooking: I am able to cook in many styles. Vegetarian, vegan, chicken,Italian, Asian, Mexican, American…Some Middle Eastern food (Indian mostly) (I’m limited by the cook book and ingredients
  • These are 15$ an hour. And can be broken up by need.

My Birth Doula Fee

As  I am working towards my final national certifications through DONA and with in the local affiliations PALS. I am willing to work for a lesser fee.

I currently volunteer 4x a month at the University of WA,. If you are unable to afford my standard fee, I am willing to always work with individuals. Every woman needs a Doula at her birth, and a lack of monetary means is no excuse to go into birth with out a guide. Do not let your financial situation stand in the way of birthing with a Doula and getting as much out of your birth as you should. (I will work with you, we can barter, etc. )

My Fee is 800$

I ask for a 200$ retainers fee once we decide that we are a good match. This clears of my calender for you and your baby. Leaving me available to be on call for your birth.

Once you’ve decided that I am the Doula right for your birth, we will go over  the Birth Doula Contract and sign it, this clears of my calender for you and your baby. The remaining balance of $600 covers the birth, postpartum visits,and the belly casting. The last  payment is due on or before the first postpartum visit.


Live Well!  -Doc


PALS affiliated.

DONA- Working towards Certification

Certified by: Seattle School of Midwifery, Seattle WA.

CPR, Advanced First Aid

MA Cert. WA

Community Emergency Response Team: Everett, WA.

EMT-B : 6 years(CERT currently expired will go active once midwifery is complete)

Seven Years Active Duty as Naval Hospital Corpsman  (medic)

Will email resume upon request.  San Diego,CA