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Wording of the Health Keepers Oath

As a Health Care Worker, Student, Administrator or Support Person
I Swear My Talents, Skills and Knowledge Will Not Be Used to
Perform Eugenicide or Destroy the Rule of Legitimate, Ethical and Humane Law

I understand my moral obligations under civilized medical ethics to “Do no harm.” I understand my legal obligations under the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association to stand against the abuse of health care by political institutions. I will not administer any substance which I know to be used to harm or kill any person entrusted to my care, nor will I process, record or otherwise facilitate the internment, involuntary medical incarceration, elimination or extermination of any person.

True to this Oath, intention and professional calling, I will defend and guard the life and freedom of those whom I serve or whose lives, records or well-being I touch. I know that medical systems have been used in the past to abduct, detain, experiment upon and kill innocent civilians and I am mindful of the possibility for that unconscionable pattern to be repeated in my time, my facility and my life. I will follow the path of ethical restraint and honest disclosure rather than follow the path of silent acquiescence. I know that my calling means that I am bound to first “Do no harm.” Therefore, I give my solemn oath that I will not allow harm to be done by either word, silence, deed or inaction, the existence of any political declaration of local, state, national or international medical emergency not withstanding.

I am a health care professional, not an agent of State-mediated death and will conduct myself in accord with that identify. I swear, to all future generations, “Never again” will the health care professions be used, as they were in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Empire, to murder and oppress any individual. Never Again! Never here! Never on my watch!


Equal protection for all. Its illegal here in America to circumcise a baby girl…why is it still OK to assault an infant boy with an unnecessary not medically indicated surgery?

MY COMMENTS: The pharmaceutical companies are JUST as much to blame as the governments.

My favorite lunch is a recipe  from one of my favorite coffee shops.

The Gypsy Cafe in Seattle.

Now I took the essence of their sandwich and changed this to mine.

Its a cucumber sandwich that is 90 %  vegan and it has passed my carnivorous partners taste bud test!


1/2 organic cucumber

To Futi- Cream Cheese

( you can get this at Trader Joe’s)



Dave’s killer 21 grain bread ( my favorite)

Fresh Romaine lettuce

Bell peppers


Sun dried tomatoes, vinegar, salt and pepper.


1-brownie/ chocolate chip cookie.

1 serving of Trader Joe’s* salt and pepper chips.

DIRECTIONS: Toast bread until slightly crunchy. If you don’t have a toaster, put bread in the oven on broil. WATCH it until golden brown.

Slather one sighed with the ToFutii Cream Cheese, the other with choice of mayo and mustard.

Slap some lettuce on the mustard side.

peel your cucumbers, cut them in long strips, place on side with Tofutii. Add salt pepper, and vinegar. Put humus on cucumbers, close sandwich and slice in half. Bell peppers can be eaten on the side or out them on the sandwich.


1 sandwich apple and cookie serves on Doc. 🙂

NOTE: I am not paid nor am I sponsored by trader Joes or affiliates. I just LOVE their store. They don’t sell food with MSG, its natural, fresh and competitively priced. So I have to rave about something I love. Now if some one form Trader Joe’s wants me to shamelessly plug their company for a fee I’ll do that too! The more income I have, the more time I can do pro-bono births and help women who can’t afford a Doula alone!

Babies need three basic things. Warmth, milk, and security.

Warmth comes from a mothers embrace,being held, lifted and cooed. Milk too comes from the mother, and when natural birth is allowed, will flow regularly and with plenty. Security comes from the infant being held, drawn close when they cry.

Unfortunately in our society today there is a movement among parents and their educators to ‘leave the child, and let them cry-it-out.’ These same parents who let their wee ones cry it out, are also setting brand new infants to rigorous Q 4 hour feeding schedule. Or not breast feeding at all, and supplementing milk for convenience.

These infants  are denied their feeding cues, and put on a schedule, and left in cribs, cradles, baskets and car seats. Alone away from the family to cry…

Babies cry for one reason!

They NEED something! They have needs. Babies are not manipulative, they aren’t trying to control you ( as some articles in several publications would suggest) They are truly helpless and with out a parent or another human being ( in some cases wolves) seeing to their cries and needs. They would soon starve and die.

But we’re killing our infants through alack of self parent responsibility. Parents spend too much time focusing on one technique, they miss the big picture.

One can’t  expect a new infant to care for themselves, so we must be there for each whim. That is the job of the a parent!

With out this love, warmth, nourishment and security our children will not thrive or grow as human beings.

I am a huge advocate for breast feeding. ITS FREE!

I want parents to pick up their children, to wear their children!

There is hard scientific data that shows when infants are breast fed, held and loved often they are healthier, have better immune systems. Better brain function, and better self esteem and are generally more curious about the world.

Aren’t these the children we want standing in stewardship of the plant in 30 years? healthy, smart free thinking individuals?

I know that I do!

On a cool gray day, on the 28th day of October in the Common era 1997, I swore an oath before my fellow sailors, on the blood of my ancestors, and the soul of doing what was always right, and the best for the most. I swore with hand raised:

I solemnly pledge myself before these witnesses to practice faithfully all of my duties as a member of the Hospital Corps.

I hold the care of the sick and injured to be a sacred trust and will assist the medical officer with loyalty and honesty.

I will not KNOWINGLY permit harm to come to any patient.

I will not partake of nor administer any unauthorized medication.

I will hold personal matters pertaining to the private lives of patients in STRICT confidence.

I dedicate my HEART, MIND, and STRENGTH to the work before me.

I shall do ALL within MY power to show in MYSELF an example of all that is HONORABLE and GOOD through out my naval Career.


According to recent studies, some hospitals through out our country have over a 65% C-Section rate with up over 80-85% in Epidurals.

The Epidural and the oxitocin is the fastest way to a C-Section.  Once the interventions start…its a landslide to the operation table from there.

Check out:

The biggest reason I became a Doula was to educate, and help the Mothers of my community make better wiser, more educated choices about their birth options, and to help avoid the dangerous  slide to the C- Section.

Cesarean sections are DANGEROUS major abdominal surgery that can lead to massive complications.

When I was working for the ‘Medical man” I met hundreds upon hundreds of women every year. Nearly 90 out of 100 of them had had the C-Section. only three of the women had the Section do to a true medical emergency. Nearly 50% of the 90 % that had C-Sections had developed some sort of complication, scaring or infection.

Scars not healing, sutures coming undone. My favorite: They found in one of our patients :A 4×4 Gauze pad left in her abdomen. (She found this after I told her to get a second opinion form another surgeon)

I’m not surgical bias, not at all. But there is something serious unhealthy going on, what disease has burrowed in to the bones of our medical community, where convenience, policy and insurance payout dictate safe practice!

I swore an oath on October 28, 1997  to protect my patients from harm, and that includes unnecessary surgeries!

Get Educated. Get PUSHED by Jennifer Block.

Welcome, welcome to Grounded Birth Doulas! We are located in Everett, WA and serve Birthing mothers in the greater Snohomish, North Seattle area.

I am please you’ve stopped by, and truly it is the first day of the rest of your Natural life.

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