My favorite lunch is a recipe  from one of my favorite coffee shops.

The Gypsy Cafe in Seattle.

Now I took the essence of their sandwich and changed this to mine.

Its a cucumber sandwich that is 90 %  vegan and it has passed my carnivorous partners taste bud test!


1/2 organic cucumber

To Futi- Cream Cheese

( you can get this at Trader Joe’s)



Dave’s killer 21 grain bread ( my favorite)

Fresh Romaine lettuce

Bell peppers


Sun dried tomatoes, vinegar, salt and pepper.


1-brownie/ chocolate chip cookie.

1 serving of Trader Joe’s* salt and pepper chips.

DIRECTIONS: Toast bread until slightly crunchy. If you don’t have a toaster, put bread in the oven on broil. WATCH it until golden brown.

Slather one sighed with the ToFutii Cream Cheese, the other with choice of mayo and mustard.

Slap some lettuce on the mustard side.

peel your cucumbers, cut them in long strips, place on side with Tofutii. Add salt pepper, and vinegar. Put humus on cucumbers, close sandwich and slice in half. Bell peppers can be eaten on the side or out them on the sandwich.


1 sandwich apple and cookie serves on Doc. 🙂

NOTE: I am not paid nor am I sponsored by trader Joes or affiliates. I just LOVE their store. They don’t sell food with MSG, its natural, fresh and competitively priced. So I have to rave about something I love. Now if some one form Trader Joe’s wants me to shamelessly plug their company for a fee I’ll do that too! The more income I have, the more time I can do pro-bono births and help women who can’t afford a Doula alone!