Babies need three basic things. Warmth, milk, and security.

Warmth comes from a mothers embrace,being held, lifted and cooed. Milk too comes from the mother, and when natural birth is allowed, will flow regularly and with plenty. Security comes from the infant being held, drawn close when they cry.

Unfortunately in our society today there is a movement among parents and their educators to ‘leave the child, and let them cry-it-out.’ These same parents who let their wee ones cry it out, are also setting brand new infants to rigorous Q 4 hour feeding schedule. Or not breast feeding at all, and supplementing milk for convenience.

These infants  are denied their feeding cues, and put on a schedule, and left in cribs, cradles, baskets and car seats. Alone away from the family to cry…

Babies cry for one reason!

They NEED something! They have needs. Babies are not manipulative, they aren’t trying to control you ( as some articles in several publications would suggest) They are truly helpless and with out a parent or another human being ( in some cases wolves) seeing to their cries and needs. They would soon starve and die.

But we’re killing our infants through alack of self parent responsibility. Parents spend too much time focusing on one technique, they miss the big picture.

One can’t  expect a new infant to care for themselves, so we must be there for each whim. That is the job of the a parent!

With out this love, warmth, nourishment and security our children will not thrive or grow as human beings.

I am a huge advocate for breast feeding. ITS FREE!

I want parents to pick up their children, to wear their children!

There is hard scientific data that shows when infants are breast fed, held and loved often they are healthier, have better immune systems. Better brain function, and better self esteem and are generally more curious about the world.

Aren’t these the children we want standing in stewardship of the plant in 30 years? healthy, smart free thinking individuals?

I know that I do!