According to recent studies, some hospitals through out our country have over a 65% C-Section rate with up over 80-85% in Epidurals.

The Epidural and the oxitocin is the fastest way to a C-Section.  Once the interventions start…its a landslide to the operation table from there.

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The biggest reason I became a Doula was to educate, and help the Mothers of my community make better wiser, more educated choices about their birth options, and to help avoid the dangerous  slide to the C- Section.

Cesarean sections are DANGEROUS major abdominal surgery that can lead to massive complications.

When I was working for the ‘Medical man” I met hundreds upon hundreds of women every year. Nearly 90 out of 100 of them had had the C-Section. only three of the women had the Section do to a true medical emergency. Nearly 50% of the 90 % that had C-Sections had developed some sort of complication, scaring or infection.

Scars not healing, sutures coming undone. My favorite: They found in one of our patients :A 4×4 Gauze pad left in her abdomen. (She found this after I told her to get a second opinion form another surgeon)

I’m not surgical bias, not at all. But there is something serious unhealthy going on, what disease has burrowed in to the bones of our medical community, where convenience, policy and insurance payout dictate safe practice!

I swore an oath on October 28, 1997  to protect my patients from harm, and that includes unnecessary surgeries!

Get Educated. Get PUSHED by Jennifer Block.